Who Am I?

        My name’s Riley Bohn, I've been making music for just under a decade, and I make and work with a huge blend of genres. Currently in my professional life, I manage all Hip-Hop recordings & mentor students through RRFC, a recording school based out of California, at National Recording. As well as freelance mix and assist at The Mountaintop and work with a few other clients around the Milwaukee area.

       I started at The Mountaintop and met Godxilla in July of 2019 through his page Wisconsin Audio Engineering, and it's been great working with and learning from him ever since. I've been at National Recording since April of 2021 as well, and there I've gotten to meet and work with a lot of talented clients and build great working relationships with them. I'm always looking for people to record because I enjoy the creativity other people can bring to the table in their songs that I can learn from as well.