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Here you'll find all of the music I've personally made and released! With insights into the releases, links to listen to them (wherever you prefer to listen to music on), and the tracks themselves to hear them all on the site!

Moving On - Single

I grew up listening to a lot of pop on the radio, and then transitioned to a bit of rap and alt/ emo rock, so for my first single I wanted to incorporate all of those elements in a very hectic manner. I also wanted to keep the song sounding nostalgic while modern, so I tried to incorporate both older (2000's era) and modern sounds and arrangement decisions to try and emulate that feeling of reliving the past while trying to focus on the future. 

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    Moving On

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RB Mixes


Here's a feature for some of the artists I've worked with in the mix at National Recording and elsewhere professionally in an order of most recent to oldest releases. Be sure to give the artists a listen and check them out on social media!!